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69' VW Bug - Brake Lights Stuck On?

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Yeah, just that. The rear lights, and I don't actually know if they're the brake lights or the running lights, are stuck on in my buddy's 69 Bug. We tried every switch in the car, and then ended up just pulling the fuses for them (ever seen a German fuse? Nuts...). They've been draining the battery everytime we work on it and have to leave it overnight or anything, and we don't want this battery to end up bad (It's new). So what could be causing this? How do I fix it? How do I find out what's causing it if you dont know?

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Could be a bad switch. If it's the running lights, check the head light switch. If it's the brake lights, check the switch down by the brake pedal.

If you can't fix the problem, do what any self respecting bug owner should do...Turn it into a rail. ;D

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