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6" lift&2" body

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Hey guys I am new here and I just got a 79 Trailduster.I want to add the 6" Skyjacker lift,2" PA body,and front and rear shackle flip.I have never really maessed with a 70's dodge so could you guys help me out direct me and tell me what I need and if this is a good setup.Thanks Josh
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have u searched the site yet? there is a very similar thread on this very same page that answers most of ur questions, along with TONS of other threads covering this subject. first, do u want 6 in suspension lift total, or are u looking at 6in lift springs with a shackle flip and drop hangers, which would net around 10 inches of lift? installing a lift is not that hard, but with the numbers ur looking at, new driveshafts, brake lines, and steering are a must. also with that much lift, i assume u want big tires, which would mean new axles, unless u really like breaking the ones u have now.

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