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Mumbly's Offroad in Clinton Township 810-790-3300
They do suspension lift and sell a lot of different truck products.

Cameron's Cove 1-800-230-6165
These guys build driveshasfts and do a great job. They do the shafts fo DTS and the Ring and Pinion Shop, so go direct to get them cheaper and talk to them in person. They also re-shimmed my gears for 1/2 the price DTS wanted. Highly reccomended.

C & C muffler
excellent custom exhaust
located in Port Huron

Inline Tube
brake lines, gas lines, trans lines, fittings and asst hardware.
these guys did trans lines for my RC, excellent quick service and prices are pretty darn good compared to doing it your self.
order line 800-385-9452
tech line 586-532-1338
located in Shelby Township

Mancini Racing
your Mopar Performance outlet
i've heard good and bad about their service and i can say the same.
order line-800-843-2821
tech line- 586-790-4100
located in Roseville

Reider Racing
gears and diffs and axles
have heard good things about them.
order line 800-354-1330
tech line 734-946-1330
located in Taylor

Truck Stuff
sells accessories, 4x4 stuff (lifts, shocks, etc.) installs of lift and body kits.
heard they do good custom work.
i haven't had any good experiences with them but they must do good work cuz there are always big bad ass trucks out front. so choice is yours.
located in Clinton Township

Sport Truck USA
sells all sorts of shit, official BDS distributor, always cuts me deals, im friends with a guy who works there.
located in monroe on telegraph, just south of newport road

B&F 4 wheel
little hole in the wall shop, does the work you dont wanna do, for reasonable prices. also has alot of the small parts u cant get anywhere else.
located in taylor on eureka


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Dougs Muffler on Gratiot Road in Mt. Clemens does great work and have replace my exghaust, shocks and ball joints.  They can costum build your pipes or brush guards too.

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cudaman77 said:
Watson engineering. In Taylor talk to Earl. They do very high end prototype work mainly. But Earl does do exhaust for anyone. My 3inch stainless with balanced crossover pipe cost 1400. On my cuda less mufflers.
Do they have an install bay?

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I recently discovered a great source for any amount of steel for fabrication projects. Pontiac Steel on University Drive in (you guessed it) Pontiac, MI. They have very reasonable prices, and will sell as much or as little as you need. They also have a bunch of remnants that you can pick through if you just need something small. They quote you a price over the phone, and have it ready for you when you show up if you tell them when you are coming. Place looks like a complete dive, but has been awesome for me the last few weeks.... Almost forgot, their number is (248) 858-2350.


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O'Brien's Auto Service on Marshall (8 and 1/2 mile) in Ferndale west of Woodward by a hundred yards. These guys are hands down the best I've ever worked with. They are honest to goodness true blue old car and truck guys. Any time you walk in there you can find veteran cars from 90-100 years ago to a police cruiser. They do everything or know someone that will. The best thing is, they are honest to a fault. They would rather cost money to them then make you pay for something you don't need. They sponsor community stuff too and ask for no acknowledgement!  Frank is the owner and they are THE ONLY shop I go to. No offense to Mumblies, they are great guys and are more extreme, but O'Brien's can't be beat.
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