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440 Ramcharger

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It is a 1987 Dodge Ramcharger with a 440 - 4 bbl in it, torqueflite 727, dana 70 rear end with 3.54 gears, american racing wheels, 33x10.5 michelin tires, and my father installed a sunroof, what looks like a factory rollbar, fire extinguisher (have to save the truck lol), and it has chrome differential covers.

P.S. Oh yeah, this is my mom's truck, im 16 and shes 43 and the only thing she would give it up for is a Superbird lol.

And if someone could show me how to put up pictures I will do so.
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Alright I figured it out, here is a pic of the interior, exterior, and engine.

If that doesn't work then let me know.
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Ok well it looks like that didn't work so i posted the pictures on the Village Photo site thing, here is the link.
Hey, the suspense is killing us! ;D

Feel free to email the pics to me and I'll help you out if I can. And welcome to RCC!
Here's the pics - nice rig MMCuda!


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The 440...


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looks awesome! you dont really plow with it do you? ;D
Hahah, well we had to a few times because that's mostly what we bought the truck for. My mom also wanted a 4x4, and she has always been a mopar fan, same with my father. Our driveway is a long incline, so we needed something to get up the driveway, and plow the snow seeing as how we didn't wanna have to pay for someone to plow it every time, and no one wanted to shovel it all lol.

Soon enough, however, I will be getting my first vehicle which will be an 84 Dodge Ram shortbed pickup (i think its an 84). It's black, 2 inch lift if I am correct, and has your basic 318 2-bbl. We may end up transferring the plow over to my truck. But the funny thing is, when you tow or plow with the 440, you don't even realize what's going on, my dad ends up going too fast when plowing because of the power, and he always has to check behind him when he is towing his boat because he says it never feels the weight of it when accelerating. lol ;D
that rc is beautiful.nice engine :D
Thanks SheDevil, even though its not mine lol. I only have my permit (damn being 16), but I get to drive it around with my mom. It's amazing the difference from driving the 440, and some 4 cylinder cavalier for driving school, i mean not to offend anyone that likes them, but the thing has trouble going up inclines, and the 440 just eases up them lol. This one doesnt see much dirt and mud though, and when it does it's only because my mom couldnt find a parking space lol.
your mom sounds cool{cool}

First of all, nice collection you got there!!! Trucks look good!! On the RC you posted here. What tire size are you runnin. And it looks like its's lifted....if so how much is on there. Thanks. Later.
The RC is not lifted at all, and has 33x10 1/2 Michelin tires.
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