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4 link suspension

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i'm looking to put a 4 link set up in my 79 power wagon...but i can't seem to find a good place to find parts for it, or what the best kind of coil springs would be to use. anyone have an idea?
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I also want to build a 4 link for my 86 and as far as parts go you are going to have to have something completly fabed or have some one fab it for you and that can be kind of exspensive. As far a coils a shocks go I would run the King 2 an half inch coil over the dual rate coilover kit for it the have some of the really nice shocks at the web site in case you want the run a coil and shocks set up instead of just a coilover. The web site is , hope I helped a little. :)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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