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4 link suspension

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i'm looking to put a 4 link set up in my 79 power wagon...but i can't seem to find a good place to find parts for it, or what the best kind of coil springs would be to use. anyone have an idea?
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What are you doing with it, a street queen, is it gonna see serious hp, do you need a dual stage long travel coil over (are you running the baha) these are questions you need to answer before going ahead, keep in mind good rod ends or heim joints are expensive $100 a rod end or more isn't an absurd price
The problem i figure with rock crawling is the links have a damned good chance of encountering rocks so the bars have to be heavy and the rod ends also, so figure $100+ for each rod end, ok now the coil over and the coil spring are kinda similar i personally like coil overs just because there all together and 1 unit, the shock the spring are all 1 and you can mount them much closer to the outermost part of the axle (closer to the wheel) much easier, i would still use a limiting strap as to not break anything, but figuring your not gonna race over anything i guess it would be ok if there was no limiting strap
Ok you lost me there, coil overs have shocks, the coil goes around them.

I wouldn't mount them like that unless you want a wobbly feeling truck, what you should do when mounting them is build the rest of the suspension 1st and then put it on stands and jack 1 side of the axle up, but don't let the other side go down further than what the shock would let it drop to and then see where the top of the tire just clears the coil over and mount it there, position the lower mount as close to the wheel as possible then all you will have to do is see where the tire hits the coil over and move it in at the top only as much as it takes to clear the tire from hitting it.

After you see how that set up is and you realize you don't like it and there is a ton of work to do, the way i was going to do it was mount it to the link bar and have it lay forward, this involved what i call bridging the link bar to make it strong since now it is also holding wieght, this also involved some work and making the upper mount for the coil over into the bed of the truck which wasn't what i wanted so this to got scrapped, im trying now to figure a similar set up with a 2 lower bar triangulated mount with a trac bar, 2 upright coil overs, and air bags for weight, the problem im at now is the movement the axle will see, the 2 low bars are similar in theory to a ladder bar, a ladder bar doesn't like twist.
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