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4-1-9 Financial Scam

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I've gotten a few variations of this one in the past few weeks... Check out for a good list of all the variations. Basically they claim that you are the "benificiary" to some amount of money, could be the Swiss Lottery, diamonds, whatever. They say that they need a numbered account to send the money to.. They take your account number, and 5% of whatever the amount is, and run. You get screwed.

From "Mr. Wilson Kamela" <[email protected]>
Sent Thursday, October 30, 2003 7:50 am
To [email protected]
I am pleased to introduce myself to you.My name is Mr. Wilson Kamela a native of South Africa and a senior employee of mines and
natural resources department currently on a trainning course in Europe for few months.
I am writing this letter to request your assistance in order to
redeem an investment with the South African mining Corporation.The
said investment, now valued at ($22.5 million dollars) Twenty-two
million,five hundred thousand dollars only was purchased by ( Lucio
Harper ) and contracted out to the South African Mining Corporation
in 1977 now recognised as mines and natural resources department.This
redeemable investment interest,has now matured since March last year.
Since MARCH last year, several attempts have been made to contact
Lucio Harper without success and there is no way to contact any
of his close relatives in whose favour the investment cash value
can be paid.

Since we have access to all Lucio Harper's information,we can claim
this money with the help of my partners with the South African Mines
and natural resources department.All we have to do is to file claim
using you as Lucio Harper's relative.
I will like to assure you that there is absolutely nothing to worry
about,because it is perfectly safe with no risk involved.Please
ensure to keep this matter strictly confidential.My partner will
file a claim for this money on your behalf from the South African
mining Corporation.When the claim is approved,you as the beneficiary
will be paid (25%) of the total amouth.
Since this money can be paid directly into any bank account of your
choice,you have responsibility to ensure that my partner and I receive(70%)of
the total amouth.While the balance (5%) will be set aside for any
unforseen expenses in the cause of transfering this money.
I will appreciate if you can give your assurance and guarantee that
our share will be well secured.Please for the sake of confidentiality,reach
me on my e-mail address: [email protected] . And let me
know if this proposal is acceptable to you.And kindly reach me immediately
with any of the stated contact addresses so that better clearifications
relating to the transaction will be explained to you.
Truly yours,
Wilson kamela.
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