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38th World of Wheels and AB RCC GTG!?!

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Hey all you folks around Calgary, this could be an opportunity for us to get together (GTG). So let's see who is interested.
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I most likely would be up for it, I am down by Medicine Hat so its not that far of a drive :)
Good to here from you SuicidJky. Unfortunately you were the only one and this event has passed. But when I can, I like to go to these shows with trucks, hot rods, classics, drag racing, etc. So I'll keep posting the events that I hope to attend. Would like to meet some folks in the chapter.
That sounds alright. I'm in Blackfalds, just getting a motor put in right now so soon, two weeks.
While this event is done I'll check all related things to do and update.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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