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360 to 440 swap help

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i have a 76 rc and a 1978 rc donor <-----had 440. 440 is all rebuilt and ready to go. just got final smog check done on 76. question is???
can the 440 go right in? it is originally out of a 69 coronet..then in the 1978 rc. got all mounts etc etc..but will the trans line up (just rebuilt) or should i put the trans that was set up with the 440 in ? help info needed..this 440 has been waiting since last july to thump some heads..
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murdoch and mudshark thank you!!! that was the exact answer i hopefully it will be done by the weekend!
last question..i was reading, beleive it or not, in shop manual..something about aligning torque convert with special tool?? when i took out 440 i just unbolted trans from engine and slipped it out..then unbolted it from plate...whats the simplest way to put back together? crap! do any of you have any suggestions or do i have to align with this special tool?
ahh tabs..thats what manual talked about, i haven't looked at that damn torque convert since it was taken out. then i came up with this bright idea that maybe trans are different. then got a little worried about this torque chinga tool. i know fords/ chevys i just slapped them together, and the chevy was a 4 spd muncie that i knew ya needed alignment tool, was scared that my rc had some more special traits...thank you all for the help
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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