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360 flywheel balance diagram?

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Hey Y'all. I finally got my 4 speed parts, and it turns out that the flywheel is off a 318... So I was wondering if anybody has the diagram that shows the location and size of the balancing holes on the flywheel so that I can machine them out.

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I have the diagram for the 440, but not the 360. You may want to consider a couple of other options:
1: Have the machine shop bolt a 360 SFI flexplate (B&M or similar, as the flex plate is balanced) to the flywheel 180 degrees out of phase. Put it on the balancer, and simply drill the whole assembly to neutral balance. Seperate the two, and voila, your flywheel is perfectly balanced. I used this method on my 440, and a 360, and it was cheap, easy and was more accurate than drilling to the specs. See pic here:

2: Buy a balanced flexplate, and sandwich it in between the flywheel and the crank. Yes, this sounds awful, but I know of two people who have done this and it works fine.

Here is the 440 diagram:

I think that the location of the holes on the 360 may be the same, but the depth/diameter is different; some info courtesy of one of chrysler300le's earlier posts:

"the 360 uses 19.79 in.- oz of offset weight and the 440 cast crank uses 12.90 in.-oz as noted in the diagram. the holes in the 360 are suppose to be 1 13/64 and .66 deep at the point. The 440 uses a 31/32 hole. Thats where you get the difference in the balance."

Also see this post:;action=display;threadid=26346;start=0

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thanks, William, that was what I was looking for. But, as it turns out, I do have a 360 flywheel (it says so on the back) so it is all acedemic at this point... now all I need is an 11" clutch.
Having the right flywheel to start off with makes things alot easier. As long as it has the 3 big holes in the backside of it, you are golden. I can't say for sure, but you might be able to use a 12" clutch. I put the optional 12" clutch on my 440, and the flywheel was the same as the 318 and 360 ones I had. The only unknown issue would be bellhousing clearance. I paid $170 for a 12" clutch, brand new with bearing. It was just a Dynapak, but seems to work well enough so far.
the strange thing is, it doesnt have the holes... would the year of the flywheel make a difference? it is off a 73.
If it is a factory 360 flywheel, it should look like this:

All 360's used cast cranks and were externally balanced. I would be very wary of a 360 flywheel with no balancing. Any chance it came off a 318?
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