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318 or 360 4bbl?

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Can you feel a lot of differance in power between the 318 and 360? Also does the 360 4bbl use a whole lot more gas than the 318? Right now I'm just getting about 11 or 12 miles to the gallon with my 318 and 2.940 gears. I will be getting a 360 in a parts r/c .
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A 360 will have more power because it will have more torque a low RPM's due to the increased stroke, plus remember:

"There is no replacement for displacement"

Gas mileage is a wash between these two, in my opinion. With 2.94 gears, I would get the 360...


Another thing that will help with the gas mileage is how your carb is set up. If it has large primaries, babying it won't help too much. If you get one with small primaries, as long as you keep your foot off the floor, your mpg won't be too bad. Small primaries, larger secondaries. Try to find a Thermoquad ;D

Looking at this data sheet it looks like the 318 4bbl has 360 heads , intake and exhaust.
360 not produced in 85? Where did you read that? As far as I know, the 360 and 318 were the only options for R/C's in those years. I don't think the limited it to just the 318.

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