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3.9L to 360 whats involved??????

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i have a 1990 150 and it has a 3.9 v6 and a 5 speed trans and i want to put a 360 into it. has anyone done it and can you tell me whats involved, do i have to change the trans or rear axle, or will it mount to my current trans and so on just want to know what i am getting into
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the trans will bolt up but it might be too weak for the 360. I'm not sure what trans you got. It could be a NV 1500 or NV3500. but i bet its a 1500. Neither one of those trans were ever available behind a 360. You also need to get a new flywheel for the 360 since they are external balanced. It would be easier to install a 318 since it could use the same flywheel as your 3.9 and they were factory installed with the 3500 and probably the 1500 transmission.
I have done the swap except in a 1993 mpfi, went from 3.9 to 5.2, the 360 has a different fuel systeem so concentrate on a 318, you will need the engine, flywheel from a 318 and only a 318, engine wiring harness, and ecu, wholla your done, its that bolts up to the tranny and the mtor mounts, any more questions, write me back and ill be happy to answer
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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