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Submitted By: Sam Simpson
Date: October 15, 2008, 11:27:17 AM
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This is just s simple mod you can make to your 2nd Gen Cummins. From the factory the Cummins motor is starving for more air, that is why they benefit so well from the after market filter systems. I will be ordering one of these systems, but untill then I decided to open my stock filter housing up a bit. Jamie (mrpeal) gave me the idea to do this, he has also done this on his own rig.

To get the filter housing off, first remove the filter cover that is connected to the air tube going to the intake. I believe there are 6 clips you just snap back. Push the top cover over and pull the filter out.

If you look into the filter housing you will see 3 bolt looking things that hold the housing to the fender. You can loosen these by hand. See the pic below.

Below is the pic of the stock filter box opening where the cold air tube runs into the box. We will be opening this up a bit.

Below the pic shows the side of the housing we will also open up. This is the side facing the firewall.

Using a cutoff wheel, I opened up the area where the cold air tube ran into the box. I kept the same height of the opening. I cut from the opening side all the way around to the other side of the box that I was going to open up.

Below is a pic of the side where the opening was.

And below is a pic of the side (one closes to the firewall) that I cut out.

I could of left the corner there for support, but I figured since I will be going with an aftermarket intake anyways, and the fact that the base is bolted down and the top is connected to that, I figure it won't move anyways. Plus the filter is still higher then that point, so there is no worry about stuff getting into the motor.
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