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2bbl holley truck wont start after 1 or more days?

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Hi there all I'm new here and this has got to be the coolest mopar site ever! I have been searching for a site to share my love for ramchargers and other mopar stuff!

I have a question regarding my 2bb holly carb on my 318 it has the symptoms of the rochester fuel bowl draining the fuel out of the bowls in the how to's section.

could this be very similar,if I dont start the truck for about 1 day ore more it takes alot of cranking to get it fired up.

The carb is a new rebuild replacement but a sudden sickness left the truck in the shop till I got better so the warrenty is blown so it's up to me I guess.

any help would be greatly appriciated thank you in advance Mike. ;D

And yes it seems the squirt is not a normal full shot like the fuel level is down.after sitting down.
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On that same note, the float on my '85 holley would stick in the up position if it sat for more than 12 hours or so, especially when it was real cold. It would fire, then die a few seconds later when the bowl emptied.. I'd either have to crank it excessively, or get out and give the valve fitting a whack with a screwdriver, then it would be fine.

While the engine is running, watch the carb to see if gas starts to leak out the top of the bowl vent housing (the part with the big hose to the charcoal canister) -- That would be a dead giveaway that the needle isn't closing fully. Could be a piece of grit in the needle like Slanted said, or the float could be misadjusted.

Matt {peace}
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