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2bbl & 4bbl Linkage?

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ok. from all the how-toos an Q&A's ive read on the swap from a 2bbl to a 4bbl there is one thing i still dont get.

someone please nail it down for me! pictures or schematics would help greatly.

what exactly is the linkage that is replaced on this swap?

the Accelerator cable?
the Linkage rods going to the Trans kickdown?
the brackets on the Firewall?
something on the Carb?

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I didn't have to mess with the kick down linkage, I've got an NP435. :)
The 2v throttle cable bracket and return spring brackets will work, but your better off swapping to the 4v versions. (trust me) The trottle cables are the same.
Good luck!
-Steve C.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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