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2bbl & 4bbl Linkage?

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ok. from all the how-toos an Q&A's ive read on the swap from a 2bbl to a 4bbl there is one thing i still dont get.

someone please nail it down for me! pictures or schematics would help greatly.

what exactly is the linkage that is replaced on this swap?

the Accelerator cable?
the Linkage rods going to the Trans kickdown?
the brackets on the Firewall?
something on the Carb?

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tranny kickdown linkage willy, it is a few inches shorter on a 2bbl than a 4bbl.

you will either have to lengthen the rod going t ocarb if it is a one piece or modify it and straighten a few things if it is a 3 piece set up

willy J said:
thats it?

oh you are the man Intense! {cool} !!! thanks! that saves me a few bucks at the J/Y!
no prob willie, i might reccomend though if you dont have the 3 piece set up switch to it, it is a bit harder to adjust, but alot less work to modify to fit a 4bbl

willy J said:
ok. is it universal through the years? say from 81-88?
should be

Moparman440 said:
You will need to lengthen the tranny kickdown as indicated above. You can buy a kit for this or do it yourself. If your carburetor doesn't have it, you will need a Chrysler throttle linkage bracket. Holley's P/N is 20-7, and Edelbrock has one for the Carter/Edelbrock carbs. In every instance I have done this, I needed either the correct throttle cable (I never got one) or I needed to modify the throttle cable retainer bracket to properly relocate the cable.
I am glad that IntenseImages has had a much easier time with this swap than I have, but I have always had to relocate the cable to make the carb work properly (almost no slack at hot idle, and WOT when the pedal is to the metal.
i think the reason i had an easier time with this is because i had a 4bbl throttle cable bracket laying around and used it

willy J said:
aarrrhhhh!!! pics please!
let me see if i still have some

ok willy, this is about the best pic i have if it.


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