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First off a little about myself. I have been a mechanic since I can remember. Always loved taking stuff apart to see how it worked. Then I found I could put it back together, sometimes better than it was, sometimes not lol.
In my high school years I worked mostly on old hot rod/ muscle car stuff. I then went to diesel tech school and have been a diesel mechanic for a Peterbilt dealer up til about 12 years ago. I am now the service manager for the dealership.
I know about programming Cummins engines in trucks and how that all works. I also know that the software we use for that will not connect to a Cummins in a Dodge. I am not familiar with that at all.
I would like to know if there is a way to program this with a high idle, say around 1200, for winter cold start/warm up. I have done a small amount of reading on programmers and they all seem to be geared towards hp gains and delete kits and such, which this one has been deleted but I do not have the programmer, bought the pickup used.
Can I find someone with a programmer and just have them set it if it can be? Are the programmers made to only work on one vin number?
If I take it to a dodge dealer can they turn it on, even though it has been deleted?

Thank you for any input,

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