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2002 Jeep Question

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Howdy - not a RC question but related to Mopars:
My wife has a 2002 Jeep that she has taken in for 30K service check to a local mechanic shop. It's the six cylinder model, auto transmission, 4wd. Aside from the other things, the manual calls for replacing the transmission fluid. She said fine then they called her back and said it would be an extra $50 bucks because the transmission fluid was "special kind". I can't wait to see the manual to see what is so special about it but she told them to go ahead and change it. What is so special about 2002 auto tranny Jeep fluid?

I knew I should have done it myself, dang it. :mad:
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For that price they should have.
Sorry, was so rattled by the cost of ATF fluid I forgot to mention, it is a 2002 Jeep Liberty. 3.7 liter I think.
Ok verified, ATF+4. What is this stuff got gold dust mixed into it?

Evildriver-3 said:
ATF+4 what Jeep?
Some Tech data on ATF+4

TSB: #21-006-01
Group: Transmission
Date: june.29,2001

Automatic Transmission fluid Usage ATF+4

New Transmission Fluid(ATF+4 Type 9602) Has been developed and is being used
as factory fill for all vehicles with Chrysler Automatic Transmissions.
Untill now vehicles originaly filled with ATF+2 or ATF+3 were to be serviced
with ATF+3. effective immediately, it is recommended that all vehicles with
Chrysler Automatic transmissions except for 1999 and earlier minivans be
serviced with ATF+4. ATF+3 should be continued to used for 1999 and earlier
because of protental for torque converter shudder during break in. for all
other the ATF+$ fluid ofers significant benifits as outlined below.

89-95 Spirit/Acclaim/LeBaron sedan
89-02 Ram Van/wagon
89-93 Dynasty/NewYorker/NY Salon
89-93 Ram Truck
89-94 Daytona
89 Lancer/Lebaron GTS
89-95 Lebaron coupe/conv
89 Aries/Reliant
89-90 Omni/Horizion
89 Diplomat/Gran Fury/5th ave
89-02 Dakota
98-02 Durango
94-01 Ram truck
02 Ram truck
89-94 Shadow/Sundance
90-91 Maserati
90-93 imperial/NY 5th Ave
95-00 Stratus/Brezze/Cirrus
01-02 sebring sedan&convertable/stratus sedan
96-00 Sebring convertable
02 liberty
93-02 LH cars
01-02 PT cruisers
97-02 Prowlers
01-02 mini vans
89-02 Wranglers
89-02 neons,Grand Cherokees,Cherokees....

Note: ATF+4 Must always be used in vehicles that were origanaly filled with

Note: Service intervals do not change. the service interval currently in
effect for a given vehicle should continued to be followed.

Note: ATF+4 is compatibale with ATF+# and can be used to top off vehicles
that currently have ATF+2 or ATF+3. Do not use ATF+2 or ATF+3 to top off
vehicles that have ATF+4 fluid.

Part number 05013457AA Fluid, Transmission,ATF+4(Type9602)Quart
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