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2001 Ram3500 Cummins Turbo Diesel

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This is my father's 2001 Ram 3500. It's got the high output cummins with the NV5600 six speed tranny. All optioned out, and this thing has power, lots of it ;D . I am temped to smoke the tires everytime I get to drive the thing ;D

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That is what I want someday. Maybe when I get rich. ;D
how long has he had it, does he want more power??? i can hook him up

this is our 2001 3500 cummins HO 6speed, next post i hope
how do i post pics again
I'm sure more power would be nice. He does a lot of towing with it. He tows our boat, weighs about 10k lbs.

He was looking at the ez edge or somthing but do you sell chips?

ez edge is crap it's too rough of a box, JVD engerneering makes a 2 stage 3 posistion box, economy(stage1 30% more fuel) for city driving and light loads compition(stage2 50% more fuel for heavy loads, drag racing, and othger misc stuff

contact Van or Patty Haisly @ 877-948-4050 tell them Kenny Quaethem told you about there product and they can give you all the specs on the box.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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