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2 wheel drive to 4 wheel drive

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I want to turn my 84 Ramcharger into a 4X4. Its a prospector 150 with and automatic trans. I have a guy willing to sell me the front axle transfer case and all that good stuff off of a 75 ramcharger. I need some help on what will fit and what ill need to do to it.
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u need to sell ur 2x and buy a 4x. that would be much simpler. but if u insist on keepin urs and making it 4x, u will need to get a complete donor truck. there is more to it than just an axle and a tcase. u will need a new tranny tailshaft, all the brakets, the springs, a new crossmember or two, new steering setup. also the front axle is a fulltime one, which arent the greatest in the world. u will need new driveshafts, rear included. u will need the tcase shifter, all its linkage, and u will have to cut a hole in ur floor. all in all, it will cheaper, and easier, to get a 4x4.

if you can get all the parts it shouldn't be too bad. like CL said you will have to have new drive shafts and if i were you i would find a different tranny with the tcase attatched, then you will need to match your gears in the front and rear ends, cut your hole and then do the steering and front springs so yes a complete donor truck out of a junk yard would be needed, the axles should run you around 250 per axle, steering would be a pain to get in good shape and then the tranny and tcase and driveshafts, as far as crossmembers you can find them almost anywhere, in junk yards, but to save you money go with a complete donor truck, also chrysler300le told me that you may have trouble with the tranny tunnel on your body, so you may have to do a body lift. good luck and let us know how it comes
yea about 85 and up trucks have a large tunnel but before that 2wd have a small transmission tunnel while the 4wd have a large transmission tunnel
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