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2" lift kit ? Yes but I have another solution.....

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It's me again, following your suggestion to purchase a 2" lift kit to avoid the left header hitting the front Dana 44 axle, I have a few question:
Assuming that I don't want a body lift kit, which will not solve the problem, what do you believe It's better ?

1) purchase a 2" lift kit, with the expense of the leaf springs which will double the cost of the kit being the shipping to Italy too much expensive.

2) buy a set of longer shackles from OffROAD exchange (they sell online) or other Companies.

Please post your Ideas !!


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Hi Murdoc,

I live in Genoa (Liguria), I'm 1500 Km far from Germany, I oftem buy spare parts in your Country as I own also some BMW bikes, the shipping quote are cheaper then US, as we don't pay the Customs' duties.
The leaf springs haven't a negative arch, they're flat, so they're almost new.
In italy there some leaf springs manufacturer, but their price are very very high, moreover once the sprongs are ready to be fittted, I need to buy the bushes, U bolts, spacers, longer brake lines and so on....So I 'd prefere to purchase a ready to bolt on kit which includes all the parts needed.
Have you any experience in a well done lift kit ?
Have you ever fitted longer shackles ?


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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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