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I'm building a 93 D150 4x2 short bed. My goal is to make it look like an early 80's to early 90's class 8 style truck, I'm going to add 2 inch taller front springs and make a bracket to attach 2 shocks to the top of the upper control arm and attach the shocks to a hoop I'm welding to the frame. I'm taking out the fender liners and will make some fender supports to attach to the shock hoops. Hoping to be able to fit 33's with the taller springs. I'm not going to race the truck just want to make it look like a tribute to the early race trucks. The black truck is the one I'm building and the white 84 is my parts truck. Just hoping to make the truck a little different from the other stuff running around where I live. Blanchard Oklahoma


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