I bought this truck 5 yrs ago, it was nearly rust free as it towed a 5th wheel camper to FL every winter. It was however used hard and was a farm truck and was used accordingly. After hundreds of hrs of body work, I resprayed it back to the original Colorado red in urethane. I've replaced both the front and rear glass as well as the gaskets, door seals, felts and fuzzies. The door handles, power mirrors, tail lights, inside door handles, carpet, and other odds and ends are all new. The radiator has been restored as well as the seat, door panels, and dash. I replaced the master cyl, serpentine belt, PS hoses, alternator, and other items as they needed it. I added 3rd gen wheels and lowered it slightly by trimming new Moog springs up front and relocating the hangers in the rear. It could be put back to stock in a weekend. It has 207000 miles. The trans was rebuilt by the PO and seems fine. The AC, PW, PDL, and PM all work but the cruise doesn't. It needs new E brake cables and it pulls a bit to the right so it could stand an alignment but not bad enough that I did it.
Message me if you're interested. Ask anything. I can get more pics. Thanks