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I have a completely rebuilt drivetrain from a 1991 RamCharger for sale.  It includes:
Dana 44 front axle with new bearings, seals, rotors, pads, NAPA reman calipers    $500.00
9.25" rear axle with new bearings, seals, wheel cylinders, shoes, Auburn Gear limited slip  $500.00
518 transmission, intelligently "built" to be a beefy RV tranny, with HD clutches, shift kit, RV torque    converter, HD fourth gear planetary, and more.  Is mated to and will be sold with a rebuilt transfer case.  Both items were rebuilt by a fellow that retired from owning his own tranny shop for 35 years.  He now rebuild a few in his garage, and is truly one of the "old timers" that can make a tranny sing.  The package is priced at $1,000.00.
The engine is the only item that is not rebuilt.  It is a TB 318 with 137,000 miles on it, and it runs strongly.  Engine price is $300.00
I went through all of these items, intending to finish off the RC as a gas job and just drive it.  But, being a Cummins guy, I finally went out and bought a 1992 W250 4x4 diesel, and am in the process of putting all of its components into the RamCharger frame.  All prices are at least a little negotiable, as I would like funds to put into the rest of the project.  Also, I can ship by truck any time, and will strap anything to a skid at no charge.  If you have any questions or would like some photos, please call Drew at 860-873-1772 or email to [email protected]
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