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This truck has a 360 TBI automatic and it runs way way too rich and stalls if you give it throttle too quickly. Idles rough like at has a lumpy cam in it, which it doesn't. I've replaced every sensor on it, checked all the readings with a scanner and everything shows normal. The EGR is working properly and not stuck open. The base engine is in excellent shape with no vacuum leaks, new ignition system and new fuel injectors. The only two things left that I can think of is a bad computer, or maybe the fact that it has headers and duel exhaust which moved the oxygen sensor from the exhaust manifold near the head down to just behind the header collector. Is it maybe too different of a reading with the oxygen sensor moved?  Any other ideas or thoughts would be very appreciated. I've been a mechanic for several years and this one's got me stumped. Maybe something simple I've overlooked? Thanks all!
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