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I have been in search of axles used for 4 weeks now with many leads and no actual units. Figured I would get them new. Called Randy R and P got a total price over 300$ for stock axle, stub, and ujoint. On comes the heartattack. Back to the JY search now in MO. Still nothing. I picked up a 4wheeler mag and called Drivetrain Warehouse in LA CA.
This awesome guy named Dennis spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone with me ensuring I was gettting the right parts. Had me getting the axle numbers and decoding and following the superceded part numbers like a trial of bread crumbs. FINALLY he find my axle and stub. 170$ for stub, axle , (2) spicer ujoints and free shipping to boot. These guys dont screw around getting you the wrong part, they know their shit. I cant praise them enough. One caviate i live in NH so thats a long time ground shipping (3 weeks) but for 25$ they drop ship it directly from Dana and I only have to wait 4-5 days now.

Turns out I have a DANA 44 CAD 610217- 2. I got lucky and they only put it in 3/4 ton tucks from 84 1/2 to 87. Damn rare I suppose. But the saga is finally over and for under my orginal total I got Warn Premium Manual Hubs for 71.00. Saved myself 50 buck and got more.

Take the time to call these guys in the ads. If they can afford the full back coverr they better be somewhat good.

1.Excellent customer service
2 Dennis who anwered the phone was diligent and knew his shit.
3. Cheap for brand new stuff.
4 No problems giving you the DANA numbers for future ref.
5. Direct Access to DANA online

I refer to all as DANA but I suppose you could say spicer to. Give them a call you wont be upset in the mind or wallet
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