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1985 Ramcharger in DALLAS

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I know how some of you feel about show trucks, but here's my new rig. Just bought it froma cool guy in Fort Worth who kept it in a garage.

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Thats a real clean red X.
When they are that clean they are musem pieces! ;D
Hey man that is nice. I have an 85 red 2wd as well but its a project now. I was wondering if you new where to get the running boards for one?
I'm not a real fan of lowered trucks in general, but that truck is SWEET!! Good score!!

All I see are red x's
Nice rig man never seen an Rc like yours man . Looks good ;) .

Cool rig,
Good to see someone close to me.. I'm in Grand Prairie
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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