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Good morning. My son and I are finishing up a top end rebuild on the Ramcharger. All has gone pretty well. We took a lot of pictures before disassembly and they were invaluable especially for the rats nest of vacuum hoses. Unfortunately there are 2 parts that I cannot see in any of the photos. I am hoping that y'all can help me.

1- The Manifold temp riser (butterfly valve on exhaust manifold)- I know where the vacuum hooks up but the hose and metal tubing that come off of the unit just kind of hang there and rattle around. I know that there must be a specific way that it is supposed to be routed but I cant for the life of me see how it goes. Does anyone have a picture or diagram showing that?

2- There are 2 vacuum hoses that come off of the vacuum reservoir ( on frame rail) for the 4wd engagement. the hoses route up the drivetrain and into the engine bay. I know one goes to the tree on the manifold. Where does the other go? From pictures posted in another post it looks like that one folds over and just has some sort of filter on it. If that is the case where do I find that filter?

Thanks again
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