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1985 Dodge Power Ram

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Hey I finally got my own MOPAR!!! It is a black 1985 Dodge Power Ram shortbed. It has the Prospector package, 318 2-bbl with A/C, dana 44+9.25 front and rear end. 33x12.5 inch BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires, on 15 inch wheels but im not sure what they are lol, but personally, i think they look good on this truck. I bought this for 300 bucks just to let you all know ;D
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nice deal!! for 300.00??? what a deal, hope to see more pics. ;D ;D
300 DOLLARS!?!?!?!

I've been looking for a nice, shortbed power ram for sooo long. 300 dollars... motherf**ker.......

Nice truck by the way :)
That's a heck of a deal!
Ya might wanna double check that rear end, To my knowledge DANA 60's were never put in a W150, its probably a 9.25.
Hey thanks for all the comments.

EvilDave - Yeah I'm not the most knowledgable person on this stuff but that's what my dad said and I'd assume he would know what he's talking about, but I'll double check it with him.

I'll get some more pics of it when I get the thing running lol. Me and my dad are gonna work on it all of Monday, I can't wait lol ;D

Edit - Oh and just to piss you guys off even more, I didn't even have to pay for all of it, my mom decided to be nice and pay for more than half of it. So technically, I got this for 125 bucks lol.
u got the black one for $125!!!!!!!
GRRRRRRRRRR.........DAMN YOU! i paid $1400 for my 89 RC! o well great lookin truck. that roll bar really addes to its great stock DODGE looks. ;D
That would be a 9 1/4 chrysler rear axle. The exception being... if someone put the Dana 60 in there. Also has 5 bolt wheels and is a semi-floater. Just me .02 worth.
Yeah sorry about that I must have misinterpreted my dad or something it IS a 9.25 in the back, sorry for the confusion.
Took the plow frame and other crap (control arm, etc) off today, and did some more cleaning. Checked out the carburetor only to find it was frozen. Sprayed it a little and within minutes, it was freed up ;D. Also, the guy gave us the wrong ignition switch ::), however, my dad happened to keep the one from my moms 87 RC that he replaced because it didnt work that well, but we put it in, hooked up a battery, and checked out what worked and what didnt. Pretty much every light worked except for the two mounted on the rollbar. Power windows didn't work though, but its been sittin for a few years so i wouldnt expect em to. Just though I'd keep you all updated on the process of gettin this thing out on the road 8)
Got any more pics of her? I'm jealous enough yet. ;D
lol I'm gonna have my dad bring home his digital camera from work so i can take more pictures of my truck with the plow frame off and stuff. I'll post em up asap.

Really nice looking truck!
Hey just another update...

Took out the seat and ripped up the carpet only to find the floor plan on the driver side rotted through a little. Covered that up, gave the rest of it a good cleanin, and soon I'll have another seat cover. Doesn't sound like a lot of work, but it took the whole day lol, mainly the cleanin part though.
Nice Truck and SICK Hemi Challenger
Nice truck and congrats.
Why did the seller let it go so cheap??? I can't believe it was let go for 300 bucks. That's insane.
Hey, thought I might update you guys before I go out and work on it again today ;D.

Ram Freak - The owner really didn't want the truck around anymore because he already had too many projects, and it had been sitting for a little over 2 years. He had planned to drop a 440 in it and make it a trail rig, but never got around to it. I had been looking at it since they parked it there, and after 2 years I stopped down with my dad and he said we could take it for 300.

Also, I got some more pictures up with the plow frame off, interior cleaned up (floor pan, trim removed, etc), so you guys can check that out if you want.
hey check out the Village Photos link again, got it runnin and took a few pics of me and my dad havin some fun lol. ;D
Awesome truck and UNBELIEVABLE price. Congrats!
Why'd you take the plow frame off? Never plan on using it?
Anyway, good score!!
lol thanks I love this truck. Took the plow frame off because I don't ever plan on plowing with it, and I like the look of the truck with it off. Today I think me and my dad are gonna look at some old radiators and see if they'll work, seeing as how I don't have one lol. (it went up the mounds with a sh***y battery, no radiator, and on boat gas...i love mopars lol ;D)
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