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The Good:
Engine runs great!
Short Block
360 V8 engine was rebuilt, balanced and blueprinted and first started on March 03, 2010. Since then, it has been driven 10,000 miles. The block was bored .040” over and houses Speed Pro hypereutectic pistons with moly rings on Eagle SIR rods with ARP rod bolts. The pistons were given a slight radius on the sharp parts of the crown and lightly bead blasted on the crowns. Measured compression ratio is 9.1:1. Fully grooved Clevite 77 bearings for the mains and rods keep it well lubricated. All clearances were set for a performance engine. Every part was blueprinted, for instance the new Melling high volume oil pump was disassembled, and all clearances were measured before being put into service. This pump is driven by a Mopar Performance oil pump drive. The Mopar Performance timing set with tensioner spins the Competition Cams XE256H Xtreme Energy camshaft. The Xtreme Energy series has quick opening and closing events to take advantage of Chrysler’s larger diameter lifters. The entire rotating/reciprocating assembly was balanced by Harahan Auto, the go-to place in this area for performance parts and machine work.

Enginequest cylinder heads offer extreme durability along with excellent flow numbers. These are Magnum style heads drilled for the LA intake manifold. These babies eliminate the cracking issues that are seen after many miles with the factory Chrysler heads. They retain the Magnum-style 1.6 ratio rocker arms, increasing the overall lift and rate-of-lift of the Competition Cams camshaft. The block was modified to oil through the Hughes pushrods in order to work with these EQ heads.
Engine Oil
Since the rebuild, this engine has only seen Joe Gibbs specialty oil in the crankcase. Joe Gibbs Break In oil for the break-in and Hot Rod oil for all other occasions. Joe Gibbs Hot Rod oil is made for a vehicle with a flat-tappet camshaft that doesn’t get driven much.

Loadflite 727 automatic. factory Chrysler deep pan with A&A pickup spacer.

Transfer Case
New Process 208 two speed part time 4WD transfer case.

Rear Axle Assembly
Chrysler 9.25”, 3.25:1 axle ratio, open differential but sale includes a new-in-box Auburn limited slip differential.
Front Axle assembly
Dana 44, 3.25:1 ratio, open differential.
This truck’s option list includes Power Steering, Power Brakes, A/C and Cruise Control. The A/C and cruise control are not working at this time. Each component of the braking system has been replaced at least once (except the booster) in the time I’ve owned the truck (last 20 years). It currently has DOT 5 Silicone brake fluid, since it doesn’t get driven much. The front wheel bearings and seals were replaced as well, although the originals were still OK. The truck has American Racing wheels size 15x8, with 31x10.5 mud terrain tires. The tires need to be replaced because they are older. The only cancerous rust is confined to the cab. The bed, underside, and front areas are fine. The truck has Autometer Sport Comp gauges and a VDO tachometer.
I have a brand-new NOS Hickey “Sport Bar” “Light Bar” or “Roll Bar” that has never been installed that goes with the truck. Kind of like the one Simon & Simon had. I also have a nice used grille, a one-piece rear window and some other spare parts up in the attic that go with it.

The Bad:
A/C currently not working
Tires are old
Speedometer recently stopped working
4WD indicator light stopped working, but 4WD works fine

The Ugly:
Cancerous rust on passenger upper door jamb, roof gutter, at seam where roof meets cab corners. Truck needs to be painted as clear coat is delaminating and there is only primer remaining on the roof.

Call me at 504-360-3615. If I am unable to get pictures to load here, I have plenty on Facebook Marketplace
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I was hoping to get some feedback on the price. Is it too high, too low, or about right?

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6k price seems fair to me. Though I am not an experienced used truck buyer.
Engine build looks professional. Obviously, SWB is a plus. Good orig paint color. Not ugly red interior.
Without looking at marketplace ad, the roof rust would be my primary concern. Transmission shift good? Frame condition? Interior? Electrical?
Tires and wheels are easily replaced, no big concern there.

my 2 cent opinion

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The original paint color was grey, and yes, I don't like the red '80's interiors either. Especially the plaid. The transmission shifts just fine, the frame has no damage or rust at all, the interior is good, not perfect, the electrical is as good as can be expected. The tires are old. I appreciate your input.
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