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1984 W350 Crew Cab Short Bed 4X4

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Here are some pics of my Crew when I first got it.
1984 W350 Crew Cab
360 NP435 205 T/C Dana 60's Front & Back 4.10 Gears.
Truck was ordered fairly striped :( no AC,Radio but it has the good stuff and my RC was a good doner for the other stuff (AC,Cruse,Radio Equipment) Still need to patch a small hole on the drivers side floor pan and get a carpet. Future plans include Rino lining the bed and a Tonneau Cover.

I have since replaced the Wheels & Tires with Mickey Tompson Classic Sim Locks (fake beadlock) 16X10 And Super Swamper SSR's 37X12.5 16's

Will get so newer pics with the wheels & tires soon

Here Are some pics from the NY Meet where the Two Crew Cabs got to meet ;D

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Thanks Guys And Ian someone already brought that up to him.

Thanks Guys It is comming along slowley :( & yes its a E Body under the cover 74 Challenger 440/727
MudPatrol said:
Very nice truck! ;)
I love the rollbar too. Did you make it or buy it? I'd like to put one like that in my 75 club cab.
The bar came with the truck it is about as old as the truck can't find anny info on the company anymore :( My buddy has a 01 were trying to find one for, only hope so far is a grizzly show bar.
Werewolfdodge said:, is that a Charger I spy in your garage? What're the specs on it?
The driveway belongs to my buddy as does the Charger (Im a A body guy ;D) its a 70 RT 440/4Spd B5 it also has a sister another 70 but a 500 318/727
MudPatrol said:
Bogie, I just printed out a picture of your truck and put it on my tool box at work! hahaha
Sorry guys no trail pics yet :( I havent had the chance to get out with it yet.
Here are a few newer pics of stuff related to the truck

First is the New Drive Shaft Thanks K&M

You can also see the new Wheels & Tires

This is the new Alternator its from a 1995 Ford Ambulance the unot is a Leese-Nevil 215 amp :eek: Soon to have onboard welding capabilty

And it shuld fit in the stock 114 amp brackets with slight modifactions
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The Alt came from a suplier we ues a work cost 75 bucks :D had to swap the pully too
Here is how my Labor day weekend went, The truck got a new bed (needed badly) One of the CT members had one for sale. So mine was pulled off Fri night then I drove up on Sat without one ;D

Here is the Truck with the New Bed
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Thanks Guys for the responces

Ram1985Custom said:
Looks real good, how much were you able to get that bed for?
I will say it was in the lower 3 digits

MudPatrol said:
With 7" of lift, do the 37" tires rub at all?
Since there 1 ton springs + extra leafs to make the lift there's not much movement in the suspension, but I have had the tire touch the inner front fenderwell when at full turn and hitting a HARD bump (NYC Potholes) but only on the Drivers side so I think it has to do with the fat guy behind the wheel :eek:
Here is the new front shaft with 1350 joints this one should not break :D Thanks to Long Island Driveshaft
The pic shows new & old
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Thanks Warlock & welcome abord actually the next steps for this truck is to become a Large Warlock as this bed was dammaged & I plann on a stepside bed for it :D

Phoenix if I break this we have problems
Crazy_Redneck said:
Nice truck man{cool} Lucky enough to get a stick. But I gotta ask how do them SSR's wear?
So far great other than the front drivers side but thats due to having a bad kingpin I wouldnt hesatate to but them again but im going bigger & they dont have them in the size I want ???
Yea that would be pretty cool to know how many are left :D

Thou we have a few on here
Good Looking Truck Pete & Welcome to RCC
Keep your eyes on the NY chapter for our up state meets then we can get yours,mine & martys trucks together ;D
Here is just a few newer pics that I found .
First the Centerforce DualFriction Clutch that will be going in soon

Then some pics From Our last Chapter Off Road Meet Where I blew out the front shaft & had to be put on the Strap  :eek:

Looking For the parts of my shaft (never found)

And someone (Phoenix) ::) got creative & found this quite funny

The light bars were made by Carr & Cepeck I think Martys is the Cepeck one named Stelth it has a wider base they can be found on Ebay often but make shure you get the proper width as there are alot for Jeep width trucks, If you only get the ends that clamp to the dripp rails the center bar is fairly easy to fab up :D, As for the visor I hapen to like mine so you can leave it off your truck
I like these tires alot I have said it before I would not think twice about getting another set these show verry little signs of ware. I will have to measure the width to be shure.
BigDaddy_HD said:
What size were they in the photo?
16.5 X 9 Rims with 36" Hummer Tires
I measured the tires today & on 10" rims I had just about 13" in width with the weight of the truck on them and 28 PSI Front & 24 PSI Rear as for the 4.10's I dont have anny issues with the granny low in the 435 I can turn them easy run at 70 Mph around 2300 RPM & still have Lown Range when I go play ;D
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