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1984 power ram (my first truck)

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i don't know if this will work but hear you go. Could someone tell me if this works and what you think of my truck.
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Here you go it's an 1984 prospector royal SE w150. It has an all stock drivetrain with 112,000 miles. Stock 360 fac.4bbl 727 208 for mods all i have are 3/4 ton springs and 31inch cooper all terrains and straight exaust with a glass pack. This truck did not look like this when i got it, i spent over a year before i got my drivers licence to restore it. It has two new fenders, new paint, one new rocker and one new cab corner. I painted all the interior trim too. Oh ya it smokes rice burners!
thanks everybody, i finally got my subs hooked up so how i am louder then rice burners too! (when i get a pic of my custom box i will send it. 4-12 inch subs behind the seat)
i was going to lift it more with some 33's or 35's but then i would take it off road to much and screw up my paint, so i bought an rc trailrig ;D oh, and my subs and stuff my friends just gave me so i decide to put them in. Thanks for the comments
Well, i guess i'll do a little update on my truck. It now has 124,000 miles on it and i have driven it everyday for 2 years now. Looks the same except i have some new 31" cooper mud terrains on it now. IN the past 2 months i have done a full brake job and front wheel bearing on it. with new milemarker hubs cuz when the wheel bearing went it ruined one. I still might decide to lift it but im undecided.
thanks Gruesomenewsom - but that truck has a lot of bondo in it too :p you just can't tell i had a good teacher showing me how to do it.

Thanks Red90rc - im proud of this thing and its getting a lift soon ;D ;D ;D
Thanks Ram 1985Custom i was going to go with 4" lift and 33" bfg mud terrains. but........

I was in a rollover accident two days ago, i rolled it onto the drivers side. sadly the bed and cab ar not saveable. I guess it gives me a reason to rebuild it even better this time than the last. If anyone knows of a rust free 8' box i am looking for one.

1 - 7 of 20 Posts
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