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:p :'(
It is with a heavy heart that I am listing my 1982 Ramcharger for sale.  I bought this to fix up and be my daily driver, but circumstances have changed and I must let it go.

1982 Ramcharger Royal SE, 318/727, all stock running gear.  Dana 44 in front, Chrysler 9 1/4 in back, 3.2 gears.  Unknown miles.  Part time 4wd.  The odometer stopped working at 46XXX miles, but given the condition of the truck I am assuming it has around 90-100k original miles.  Power steering, power brakes, everything under the hood is stock.  All emissions systems still in place, everything is like it rolled off the lot.  It all works, too.  Factory roll bar, factory trans skid plate, trailer hitch.

This was a one owner truck before I got it.  The first owner bought it new, kept it to pull his boat up to the mountins to go fishing, then died around 2004 and left it to his friend.  His friend had too many cars and parked this Ramcharger in the yard where it sat for about 14 years before I got the truck.  Prior to the sale, the friend had a shop go through the brakes and other systems and get the truck running well enough to sell as a driving vehicle.  The truck comes with original literature as well as very detailed maintenance records from the first owner.

I got the truck and immediatey started fixing it up.  I am a lawyer so I wanted it to be nice, but I am a public defender so I don't have a ton of time and money. I got as far as getting most of the interior replaced, then I ran out of time (and almost money, too).  The truck is driveable right now and I do drive it.  The 4wd works fine, as do the stock automatic front hubs.  The spotlight works and doesn't leak.

The truck previously had a winch and the previous owner installed a second battery and battery isolator.  I upgraded the battery wiring a little bit, but the charging system still needs some cleanup.  Everything works fine and it charges, but I think one of the batteries if going bad and the wire is not as thick as I would like.  You may think it is fine.

The only bad parts of this truck are the paint and minor rust.

Otherwise, this truck runs and drives great.  It has never been abused and has always been taken care of.  No smoking, no pets,

New parts in the last two years:

Timing chain
Water pump (original pump was leaking at the weep hole, and I found the chain was pretty stretched, so I did the timing set while I was in there)
New seat upholstery on the stock buckets and rear bench.  These are reproduction factory seat covers so they all look like stock Ramcharger seats but have NEW upholstery.
New headliner
New carpet.  This is the plush carpet with mass backing for noise and heat damping.
New rear leaf springs (I will include the old stock springs with the sale)
New shocks
New homemade rear interior panels (not the greatest, but they work)
New spare tire cover
New tires.  Less than 500 miles on them.
New muffler line from the new catalytic converter back.
New Walker muffler.  This truck is very nice and quiet going down the road.
New struts for the rear hatch
GE Nighthawk headlamps (best halogen headlamps on the market)
Added the hoop steps to make getting in easier for short people
New weatherstrip on all doors and the hatch, new window weatherstrip on the front doors
Replaced power brake booster with a good used booster out of an 86 D250, replaced brake pedal with one from a 90 D250

Bad aspects:

Previous owner rolled it into a tree, so it has a replacement incorrect color hood and a non-correct year grille. 
Hitting the tree also bent the mounting brackets for the Warn winch bumper, but they can be straightened.  The Warn winch bumper and winch are included in the sale.  I am including the original hood and grille in the sale.  Hood ornament is long gone.
I only have three original wagon wheel rims, and they are rusty.  I have some non Mopar wagon wheel rims that are close, but not correct.  Sale will include all wagon wheel rims.  Truck is curently sitting on some aftermarket aluminum rims.
Minor rust out on rockers in front of rear tires.  Very minor, patch panels are available
The roof has surface rust and the paint is faded.  It sat outside for 14 years in Western Washington and it shows.
Anodized aluminum trim has faded, but that can be dealt with.  It is all there and in excellent condition otherwise
I am keeping the aftermarket steering wheel, but will include the original SE trim level wheel

Included with sale:

Original and extra wagon wheel rims
Vintage Warn winch mounted on vintage Warn winch bumper.Winch is non-op right now.  Needs a rebuild, but it will include the cable controls.
Vintage CB and police scanner (don't know if they work)
Original hood
Original grille
Vintage 10-12 foot CB whip antenna bolted to the rear bumper
Anything else I can think of but can't remember right now

I wish I could keep it, but I can't.  Maybe someday I will be able to get another Ramcharger.  I spent a couple years looking for this one, and I thought I had found a keeper.  Then life happens.  You all know the story.

I have easily spent well over the asking price on this truck, but I know I will not make it all back and I am flexible.  I would prefer someone pick it up and drive it away, but I will work with you if you want to ship it.  You set up shipping.

$2500, OBO in Tacoma, Washington (about 30 miles south of Seattle).  I know it isn't the prettiest, but some minor rust repair and a paint job and it will be very nice. This is not a junker, beater, trail rig, or rock rawler.  It is a nice truck that deserve to have someone finish fixing it up.  Feel free to ask questions.  I am not trying to hide anything.  I would like this truck to go to a good home where it won't be abused.

*******UPDATE*********  Price dropped to $2,500.  I need to move this.  Let's make a deal.

*******UPDATE*********  I fixed the brakes.  I replaced the power booster with one from an 86 D250 and the brake pedal with one from a 90 D250.  All works as it should now.  I have been dailiy driving this and it drives great.


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Price drop to $5000.

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BUMP.  Still here, still for sale.  This is a truck you can buy and drive right now while you fix the cosmetic issues.  Well worth the asking price.

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OK- I really have to get this sold.  I got a new job and have no time to do the last cosmetic repairs it needs.  I will drop it down to $2500 OBO.  This is a daily driver in great mechanical condition.
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