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1980 D100

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Is this a full size pickup? anyone got any pics of one?
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I was told that the 100's have lighter springs in comparison to the 150's too. But that's the only difference that I have heard about.

For example, they built W100 and W150 Shortbox pickups. Just the spring rates were different.
That depends on the year. Up until 1974 or so they only came in 100, 200 or 300. Then the 150 became the "heavy half" with heavier springs and engine options.
About 1980 Dodge switched to the 150, 250 and 350 designations, and put the 100 as a "light duty" truck with reduced GVWR and payload capacities.
Jammer said:'s the scoop. I found a bone yard round these parts and gave em a call the other day. Gal told me they jest got in a 1980 D100. Did some searchin on the net and found that the fenders of a full size pickup will match up to a 78 RC.

Went to look at it today. The badges on the rig say Custom 150. Fenders and Inner Fenders are in excellent shape. Bed is shot to heck though.

My question is .... will these match up to a 78 RC? They also told me they'd take $75 for each fender. Now...ifn they do match up perfectly, what would be a good offerin price for the four parts? $75 seemed a bit high for the outers?

Thx guys.
Yes, they will match up 100%. Offer him $100 for both fenders and see what he says. If they are in good condition, I would pay $75 a piece though.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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