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1978 K5

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Sorry, I'm gettin into Mopar- I don't like the new stuff, but older Mopar is quality stuff- I looked at a Cuda and a Charger a while back, I may get one as a daily driver this summer.

For now though I have this Chevy.

And now with new wheels and hood pins.

It has 10" lift, with 3" blocks in rear in place of 1.5" so it's 11.5" lift.
Brand new 350
39/15x18 Mickey Thompson Baja Belted
14FF rear
4.88 gears
Strobe lights
lots more, but my hands hurt
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Looks good, would have gone for some real tires, but still good for a Chevy
Not bad for a Chevy.... ;D J/K!! That's a pretty sweet machine you have there. And don't worry, there's other GM owners here (I'm one of them).

Trailduster79 said:
Looks good, would have gone for some real tires, but still good for a Chevy
yeah, i bought it with them tires, and did an engine swap, suspension work, and an axle swap. i've done tons of stuff to it since i bought it, but haven't had the $$ for new 44 tsl.
How do you like those tires? I want the 35x14.50's...
they ain't THAT bad, but i want 44 TSLs.
well, all I see is a bunch of red-x's, but sinne you're a fellow CK5er, I'll assume it's sharp.{bigeyes}
gotta love the early K5's
it looks really nice.old blazers are my second choice for an suv.
Holy shit that thing is 1 HUGE monkey. Wonder what my Dodge would look like with wheels that tall and wide? Looks like a mine monster. Betcha that thing just floats across the mud, huh? If ya wanna sell them tire, gimme a holler, [email protected] Thanks
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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