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1974auto / 1980 4speed

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Well I just bought a 1980 parts truck. Price was real cheap what I was wondering was what was involved in swapping the 4speed in. I would like to put in the transfer case to and probably the front end to. I just wasn't sure if the bolt pattern for the wheels were the same, and what was necessary to bolt the tranny to the engine. Both engines are small blocks. I'm sure this has been gone over befor but I thought I would see if I could get a quick response here.
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80 uses 208 transfer case and bigger bolt pattern. I would swap both axles and pretty much everything else. You will need to get a pilot bushing but your tranny may not have been drilled to final size so you could get this late model bearing that don't require the final size drilling for pilot bushing. I don't have that part number of that bearing though.
I would do the axle swap as well and get rid of the full time t-case, you'll also need to swap crossmembers.
well they dropped the rig off last night. Not too bad for $200.00. I think I am just going to pull the motor, tranny, and transfer. I just put new wheels on my rig and don't want to buy more. But I would like to swap to a manual tranny( especially since my tranny died)

So if any one whats parts let me know they'll be cheap cheap. Or you can have the whole thing for free. It is a 1980red and white, missing the hood and windshield and the motor,trans/xfer.

The crapper is that it doesn't have the title. I can get it but then the price goes up to $150.00 to cover all the fees and legwork. I can email pics if you want
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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