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1974 Power Wagon 4x4 coming home tomorrow

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I know it has a long way to go, but im happy its finally getting here. They finally cleared out enough cars to get it out.

OH, and i've been calling it a cuddy cab (well im a dumbars), its a Club Cab!


I will need alot of advice and help. I hope you will give me all your expertise!!!
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We'll be here, every step of the way!
GOOD! I'm kinda counting on that as I know NOTHING about these trucks, so please don't hold back on the suggestions.

Awsome truck, what motor is that? 360 or 318? What ever it is one of the previous owners cared about performance because its already got a set of headers and a big chrome air filter.
Well I just got it home. i'll be taking more pics and linking tehm tonight or tomorrow morning!

Now the project begins . . . . any suggestions on where to start?
That dent in the passenger side front is going to have to be addressed first because it looks like it tweaked the radiator core support pretty bad. The wrinkle in that fender MIGHT be able to be straightened out without replacing it, but I doubt it. I bet the radiator is probably trash based on how bent it looks in the photo.

It looks like from the pictures you need:

passenger side fender

front bumper


core support

inner fender

And a lot of labor...

The rest of the truck looks good... But I hope you didn't pay very much for it, just in case that frame rail in the front is bent pretty bad, but it doesn't look like it is...

Looks like a hell of a project... good luck.

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the frame was the first thing i was concerned about. in face i brought along someone else to verify its not bent at all. the radiatir is gone and i figured i was going to replace teh front fender anyway. the front grill i wanted to have another year anyway, so it was gonna be tossed just the same.

i will noe be driving this truck for a long time. this will be a frame off restoration so if you could keep that in mind when giving suggestions, that would be great.

I an going to toss all the "trash" out of it first, remove alot of the interior and store it or toss it. remove the front damage, spair tire, rear bumber, secondary gas tank, side mirrors, etc. this week to get closer to the body so i can remove the bed and cab tro get to the frame as my first major step.

is this a good plan?

BTW, I paid $200 after we haggled again . . . . title in hand, noterised, and towed to my home . . .
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OH!!! Moderators, since this will eb a frame off restoration, by some one that hasnt done this to a truck before, what do you think about a new thread that cronicles my step by step with my questions, succecces and failures. Ill be doing it at my website, but i thought i could link it here for any other new people to see what it woult take.

. . . your thoughts?
Nice looking rig, I`d ck the front toe though, by the looks of that L/Frt tire it might be toe`d in pretty good, probably from whatever crinkled the fender.
What happened to the right front ??? If you know please post info ;) Not really important just curiouse. Good luck on your project :)
The official police report is that it was a drunkin hit and run. The owner tagged another car and tried to get away but didn't. THe radiator is pushed into the fan and it dumped all teh coolant out and he ditched the truck "cops" style and tried to get away on foot. It was towed away and since the owner is rotting in jail, he never claimed the truck. The tow company claimed ownership and was about to send it to the crusher when I found it wile looking at a friends Honda that was picked from the interstates ditch. I asked, he accepted, I now own it.

Oh, and its a 360 . . . .
Remember, I have no plans on driving this truck till its done. I'm about to start stripping it to the frame. Tell me the best way if you will, if there is a good way or just take it apart like the Haynes book says.

your thoughts?
So, I gather you have the garage space to park it in, and room to stash the big pieces nearby ? 8) And, no other projects with which to confuse the parts....?

Because you are going to take your time doing this... :) and nobody's memory is perfect ;) , and no manual tells it all :mad: ... Before you even start, set up a "cataloging system" for your parts/bolts/fasteners/brackets, get:

Heavy duty ziplocks, wire ties and paper/cardboard tags
Permanent marking pens, pieces of paper and a camera.

Before and/or during taking each thing off (well maybe not the hood, that's pretty simple) take a picture. If some point in each process is complex, take a shot of that. Take some overall shots too, underhood wiring, dash.... ... .. .

Print/label the pictures, and put them in a ziplock attached to the ziplock holding the parts/bolts from that part. If you have an idea that might make putting it back together ("lesson learned") make a note of it and put it in the bag with the picture. Attach these ziplocks to, or put in a box with, the parts and bolts/fasteners/brackets for that part.

If it's convenient, put each bolt back in the hole it came out of, if not, bag and label them separately for each part or set of parts. Don't lump too many parts/bolts together, or else you'll be wondering which bolt goes where... If some bolts on a piece are different lengths, make a note of which length goes where.

I know this sounds a bit "dumb", but along about the time you're saying "Now whereinthehell... :mad: " for the third or fourth time, you'll regret not having done it.

Then, to me, the order would be:

The "junk" as you say must go, then remove the seat(s) and carpet, and brush/vacuum/clean.

Big parts next: hood, tailgate, bumpers, fenders, grille, radiator, inner fenders and radiator mounts, gas tank, bed...
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yes, I have the room and no other projects now. I also have a boat shed to store everythign but the bed and cab. I have a carport to roll the frame under to work on. and a nice back yard to keep teh cab and bed.

Will a digital camera do, or should I go get a instant polorid? Ziplocks was what ive used in the past, so i get that one. should i get one of those tumblers or a medium sandblasting cabinets to clean all the small parts now or decide that when i really get tit apart?

This is great, please dont stop the help.
I too think that you should bag and label all of the parts. I took apart a volkswagen dune buggie project (one of the simplest cars on the road) And when I took it all apart I figured "Oh I'll remember how this all goes back together" Needless to say that project is now being sold in boxes :(
that grill/fender mess looks a little like mine.still havent fixed it all the way either.
shedevil said:
that grill/fender mess looks a little like mine.still havent fixed it all the way either.
I know 'm gonna need a new one but im not sure if I should go with teh 74 or look for a different years style. I was also toying around with a custom one based ont eh new Dodge "cross", your thoughts?

Oh, and if you need me to look for parts for ya, just ask. sometimes we get whole trucks here from the state.
You could consider putting a 72-73 grill on.
91PowerRam said:
You could consider putting a 72-73 grill on.
Is that like the one you have in your avatar?
Is that like the one you have in your avatar?
Nope, look at tv_larsons `75 W200 he has a 72-73 grill
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