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1953 Willys truck, mttaff

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So a couple years back we were at a cookout at a family acquaintance and on the back side of their property there was several old trucks, tractors, etc. One of the trucks was a 70s dodge and another was a 1953 willys truck. Both looked like either parts trucks or projects. Obviously, I was curious about the dodge but both looked to have been sitting for a long time. Turns out the willys was a project and the dodge was going to be used for its chassis etc. Willys has original frame, international axles and dodge engine tranny transfer case. That's why he purchased the dodge parts truck. Figured the hard parts were already swapped. Anyways, fast forward until now, the gentleman gets a hold of me and says he'll never get to it and asks if I'm interested, he'd like them out of his yard.
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Nice! A Willys (Willis people, not Willeez 🤣) is on my list ever since Stacy David built the Wicked Willys on Trucks back in the day! They’re sweet. Good luck grabbing them!
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