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My rig is listed on SFBayArea Craigslist and EBay Motors
1975 Dodge Ramcharger Special Edition Factory D Code 440 / 4 BBL new parts: electronic fuel pump starter distributor alternator regulator IRONMAN M/T tires front axle lock outs for 2WD has a steel half cab top cut to fit a camper see photos in listing. California Title in my name 1975 California Smog Exempt my daily driver
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Hi TX9. I'm the one that had the conversation with you on your Craigslist ad wondering if you knew you had the RC Camper conversion. I didn't know you were a member here already! lol. I'm guessing that rust is from always being around the salty air?
It’s a Colorado truck only ‘retired’ to Marin County California since last November
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