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  1. Vehicle Help
    Would anyone happen to have a 1980 Dodge Ramcharger Bulkhead wiring diagram? The previous owner replaced all the wires and no colors match up with anything.
  2. Vehicle Help
    '91 Schoolbus 5.9 Cummins engine in my '84 Ramcharger Has a huge 130A Prestolite 8LHA 2050VA alternator on it, which has its own voltage regulator on the back. 3 studs on the back (see pic) - black wire to volt reg, red wire to volt reg, and a third on the bottom I believe these are "Negative...
  3. Vehicle Help
    So I've got a 79 power wagon 150, 2 barrel 318, np 435 and all time 203, and she sometimes starts after sitting for a few, but won't turn off with the key. And then after I unhook the battery to get her to turn off, she won't start again, just one click and the only way to get her to run again...
  4. Technical Discussion
    22 gauge fusible link consists of 7 strands of 30 gauge wire. 14 gauge fusible link that is readily available has 29 gauge wire in it. Purchase a 14 gauge fusible link, grab the wires firmly with pliers and pull and stretch the wire casing off the 14 gauge fusible link. It takes a minute but if...
  5. Technical Discussion
    New to the group here so I’ll give some background on my vehicle first. 1984 dodge RC prospector 4x4 with 318/727. So when I bought this truck it was an absolute electrical nightmare with things hacked and spliced all over making it a real pain in the ass to properly diagnose things. A few...
  6. Vehicle Help
    I recently bought a 90 RC for a decent price but the TBI it has is awful. I regularly go camping in the mountains and this thing barely pulls its own weight much less a little pop up. So I just installed a 4 barrel, new distributor and all that fun stuff. The only issie now is the fuel pump only...
1-6 of 6 Results