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  1. Projects
    I am starting to think about front winch bumpers to replace the current "bumper" which is for a snow plow that I don't have on me Power Wagon. I have a big old Ramsey winch, I'm thinking about fabricating a bumper around that but have no experience whatsoever with welding or any metal work at...
  2. Vehicle Help
    Hello all, frame swapping a truck and want it factory correct for the one that has a title. Working with a 1977 W150 (frame and some body parts) and 1978 W200 (powertrain, drivetrain, interior, some body parts - this is the one with a title) Starting by addressing steering/brakes/suspension...
  3. Rams, Power Wagons, D/W 50s, Dakotas and other tru
    73 and the 22 side by side. B1 and Hydro Blue. Can’t tell which one I like driving more haha
  4. Rams, Power Wagons, D/W 50s, Dakotas and other tru
    Bought a set of BFG KO2’s to replace the old Generals that came with the truck when I bought it. I love the look! Stuck with the 235/85r16 on the 6.5” steel wheels.
  5. Technical Discussion
    Hi everyone! New here I've been looking through the threads for tech info. I recently bought a 73 W200 with a 318 and a Carter 2bbl, 4 speed. The accelerator pump has been leaking and has a slow drip onto the intake manifold. I am looking to replace this but I can't seem to find an exact part...
  6. Ebay & Craigslist Deals & Other For Sale Finds
    From our friends at Bring-A-Trailer: Bidding started at $100,000, currently $115k. Bit rich for my blood. Selling after six years (finished in 2014) and only 3k miles. Probably didn't live up to the dream. Lot to like though. This...
  7. Rams, Power Wagons, D/W 50s, Dakotas and other tru
    Got tired of hauling farm things in a CR-V, so when I was able, I bought a real truck. It needs a little work here and there. not planning on a restoration. I like it with all the dents and scratches, so I won't worry over the paint every time I need to move something. Drove 2 hours back the...
1-7 of 7 Results