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  1. Vehicle Help
    Hi, I have an 85’ W150 with a 318 (carbureted) and I’ve been having a recurring, and easy reproduced problem. The truck starts and idles just fine (a bit shaky due to what looks like a wobbly harmonic balancer) and will drive as long as I baby it and only accelerate gradually but when I hit the...
  2. Vehicle Help
    Hello all, frame swapping a truck and want it factory correct for the one that has a title. Working with a 1977 W150 (frame and some body parts) and 1978 W200 (powertrain, drivetrain, interior, some body parts - this is the one with a title) Starting by addressing steering/brakes/suspension...
  3. Parts For Sale
    Hello guys, I am looking to sell my long-ignored project truck. THIS TRUCK IS NOT A ROLLER It is completely disassembled at the moment, and has sat as such for nearly 10 years. I will post more (and clearer) photos when I have the opportunity to take some. I need to sell as much of it as...
1-3 of 3 Results