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  1. Vehicle Help
    Hello all, I have a heavily modified 1979 W150, 97 360 magnum engine up to a NP435 (using a 78 bell housing). I relocated the z bar mount from the body pan to the frame to fix a binding issue, when I take off in 2nd or decelerate in any gear the truck shakes like something fierce, people...
  2. Technical Discussion
    I have an '86 D150 short box with a 360. Recently upgraded to an Edlebrock air gap headers etc. Now around 350 hp or above. I am wondering if there is a bolt-in transmission swap. The stock transmission just isn't up to the potential. I hit third gear about 28mph. Any thoughts? When...
  3. Vehicle Help
    Quite certainly the stupidest and most embarrassing thing I have ever done. I went to top off my oil and because I was not paying attention, I very stupidly and absent-mindedly poured about 5oz of motor oil down the transmission dipstick tube instead of the oil dipstick tube. I then drove around...
  4. Parts Compatibility and Interchange Discussion
    Hey all, new to the site and just purchased a 1978 RC with a 360 and automatic transmission. Mechanically its very sound but i would love to swap it to a manual transmission. Can anyone walk me through a parts list and give me an idea of effort needed to make this switch? Thanks in advance
  5. Vehicle Help
    Hey peeps, just a few questions I hope are quick. 1. I have a stock RC, 360, carb, auto. I was looking around but can't find one; is there a data table or something here that would tell me which model transmission was standard on this truck? If not, can someone with the table hard-wired...
  6. Vehicle Help
    Hi all, I recently bought a 87 Ramcharger for 1000 bucks. And I did all the fluid changes ( rear diff, tranny, oil brakes etc.) And finally took it for a spin, and I only feel one shift which I assume is 2nd at around 25mph (no tach) but I do not feel a 3rd gear shift?? Engine sounds good and...
1-6 of 6 Results