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  1. Technical Discussion
    Hello Guys, sadly my Truck (318 W150) wont start, without me adding fuel externaly in the intake. I found out, my fuelpump was bad and i replaced it, new Filter and some lines. Got (fresh) fuel up to the injectors right now. The injectors seems to work, when i add 12v to them (click)...
  2. Vehicle Help
    I have a 88 Ramcharger 318 tbi. I remplace the fuel pumpban filter an it ran great. I then replaced the belts an now I have no power to the fuel pump an the little solonoid on the tbi no longer works when I turn the ignition on. Any ideas what on what happend?
  3. Vehicle Help
    Hello friends, been following this website for quite some time I have a 1990 Ramcharger I trailered home and have been reviving over the last couple months (Spent a long time sitting. It was able to run itself onto the trailer but hadn’t been run much and if it was it was for very short moves)...
  4. Vehicle Help
    i have a 1990 dodge d-350 with a 360TBI it back fires through the intake and wont stay idling, only way i can drive it and keep it running is if i hold the gas, its got a new fuel pump, idle air control valve, and other sensors were replaced by the previous owner. i would like as much help as...
1-4 of 4 Results