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  1. Technical Discussion
    Hey guys I’m replacing the drag link on my truck and wondering if anyone has flipped the drag link to the top of the steer knuckle and has had no issues. I want to do this to get less of any angle on the drag link hoping it won’t wear as fast.
  2. Cars & Trucks For Sale
    This is a 1990 Ramcharger that runs well but has hail damage. It's a 360 with 4WD. AC has been converted to R32 and will make you shiver in July. I have the vehicle's entire history in a binder the original owner made and can include a service manual for it that's been printed. What I know...
    $5,000 USD
  3. Vehicle Help
    Hey guys new here and relatively new to ramchargers. First off I'll give some specifics of my issue I'm attempting to diagnose then I'll get into the build so yall have a better understanding. First off I drove my truck to work at the dealership last week and at lunch got in turned it over and...
  4. Wanted or Trades
    Hi there. Was wondering if anyone could help me with both driver side and passenger side window switch? I have been looking for a bit and can't seem to locate them. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Vehicle Help
    I recently bought a 90 RC for a decent price but the TBI it has is awful. I regularly go camping in the mountains and this thing barely pulls its own weight much less a little pop up. So I just installed a 4 barrel, new distributor and all that fun stuff. The only issie now is the fuel pump only...
  6. Wanted or Trades
    Hello I am in search for a hoodemblem for my 1989 ramcharger I have been restoring. I personally would prefer an original one. I'd you have or know of one that is looking for another home please do not hesitate to post in here. (I'm willing to buy) thankyou
  7. Vehicle Help
    Hey folks, I got into an accident and sheared my hub off the axle. I need a replacement. What is the standard axle size and gearing of a 1988 dodge ramcharger W100 5.2L and 727 torquflite? Or how do I measure these things. Also, if anybody in the Morgantown WV area has a replacement I can buy...
  8. Wanted or Trades
    Hi! As the title says, I have a 1984 Ramcharger. The person I bought it from said the automatic tranny was blown and had previously gone through 2 others, so I figured why not just take a Sawzall to the floor and convert it to a 4 speed manual? What all do I need for it? It's got 4 wheel drive...
1-8 of 8 Results