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  1. Vehicle Help
    I have a 1992 dodge ram w150. Neither the turn signals or hazards worked. Didn’t matter if key was on or off. Tested all the fuses on the fuse block. All were good. I had a used flasher so I tried replacing the one on the truck to no avail. That’s when I noticed something. There’s 2 style of...
  2. Ramchargers, Traildusters, Durangos and other SUVs
    I've tried replacing the fuses and flashers. When I press the hazards button down the lights stop working, but when i leave it up the hazards will flash, i'm not sure if the hazards turns on when pressed or when left up. When I turn on the left blinker while the hazards are on it will flash, but...
1-2 of 2 Results