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  1. Vehicle Help
    I am going to do a 3" lift on my '73 truck. Shackle flip in the rear and new 3" leaf springs in the front. I know about the brake lines and stuff like that, but will I need a longer pitman arm, taller steering arm, longer drag link, or nothing at all? What did you guys do? Thank you in...
  2. Vehicle Help
    Hey peeps, just a few questions I hope are quick. 1. I have a stock RC, 360, carb, auto. I was looking around but can't find one; is there a data table or something here that would tell me which model transmission was standard on this truck? If not, can someone with the table hard-wired...
  3. Jungle's HD Dodge componets
    Im trying to reach out to Jungle Jim. We were having a conversation in the DMs before the site updated and now it won’t let me send messages when I try to respond, so I’m going to post it all here. Jungle, I am trying to figure out how to go about purchasing the components we talked about. I...
1-3 of 3 Results