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  1. Vehicle Help
    My uncle has a 93 Ramcharger 5.9L 360 Magnum 2wd thats been sitting in his yard for many years as the ecm plug burnt up The 93 5.9L is apparently a rare model and he’s never been able to find a wiring diagram so he can rewire it and I’m just trying to find info so he can fix it up. If you happen...
  2. Vehicle Help
    Hey guys new here and relatively new to ramchargers. First off I'll give some specifics of my issue I'm attempting to diagnose then I'll get into the build so yall have a better understanding. First off I drove my truck to work at the dealership last week and at lunch got in turned it over and...
  3. Vehicle Help
    So I've got a 79 power wagon 150, 2 barrel 318, np 435 and all time 203, and she sometimes starts after sitting for a few, but won't turn off with the key. And then after I unhook the battery to get her to turn off, she won't start again, just one click and the only way to get her to run again...
1-3 of 3 Results