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  1. Vehicle Help
    I recently bought a 90 RC for a decent price but the TBI it has is awful. I regularly go camping in the mountains and this thing barely pulls its own weight much less a little pop up. So I just installed a 4 barrel, new distributor and all that fun stuff. The only issie now is the fuel pump only...
  2. Vehicle Help
    new to group i am in need of a in tank fuel pump assembly does any one know of a direct replacement or a easy modification to make it work? my grandpa give me rc 88k miles been sitting for over a year do to the fuel pump the one it had is shot and unrepairable. mechanic shops around here...
  3. Wanted or Trades
    I am in search of a cracked fuel tank for a 1991-93 ram charger. I have a tank for my 1988 ram charger but the fuel pump and sending unit is junk and I can’t find a sending unit for a 1988-90 ram charger. The reason I need a fuel tank for a 1991-93 is that my tank for my 88 is still good but...
1-3 of 3 Results