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  1. Parts For Sale
    Hello all! I have a 1986 W250 long bed that I completed a body off restore on. Between junkyards, craigslist, and facebook marketplace I got everything I needed to fully restore and get it street legal again, but in the process I have a bunch of spare parts I don't need. If you want photos or...
  2. Vehicle Help
    I was returning home last night, driving my 89 (87' US) RamCharger, when I felt a sudden loss of power and multiple engine misfires. I looked through the rear view mirror and saw a white cloud of smoke emanating from the exhaust pipe. Immediately I pulled over as I thought I had an oil leak. I...
  3. Vehicle Help
    Hello friends, been following this website for quite some time I have a 1990 Ramcharger I trailered home and have been reviving over the last couple months (Spent a long time sitting. It was able to run itself onto the trailer but hadn’t been run much and if it was it was for very short moves)...
1-3 of 3 Results